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New Champion and much more!

New Champion and much more!

We have a New Champion!

An amazing sunny weekend in Ronneby! I was there just Saturday and Lisa both days.


I showed Puck and he took his 3 CAC in a row! He is now Swedish Champion!
I am totally overwhelmed! Did not expect that would go so quick! 1 BOB – 1 BOS and now best male 2. He is my heart dog and I am so much in love with him <3

After him, as BOB-junior and BM4 with R-CAC was his son Clifford, showed by Lisa. This was his 5th R-CAC 😉

Best female was Allie! She is a joy to watch, she loves shows! Also showed by Lisa.

BOB veteran was Musse!

BOB breeder and the group was Best in Show 4!

I also met Chi’s Lovely Lady Grey, sister to Clifford. She was on her first show and so cute!

Many thanks to Lisa for everything and Kim for helping me with Musse in BM and with the group! Also congrats to all and thanks for a very nice day!


Lisa showed just Clifford, and he got his first CAC! BOB junior and BM3!

Thanks for photos; Lorettah, Lisa, Lena and Sofia.

2 days Ronneby SDHK & SKK Nordic show

Judge: Sat: Dorte Lind Rasmussen Sun: Hans Boelaars


  • SDHK Saturday
  • BOS Chi's Lovely The Queen (co-own Lisa Göl)
  • BOB junior BM4 R-CAC Chi's Lovely Lord Clifford (co-own Lisa Göl)
  • BOB Veteran Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • BOB & BISS4 Breeders group
  • SKK Sunday
  • BOB junior BM3 CAC Chi's Lovely Lord Clifford (co-own Lisa Göl)

BOB vet BM2

BOB vet BM2

Västerås IDS Chi’s Lovely Balthasar was agon BOB veteran and 2 best male!

So happy to get this kind of news <3 Love to follow my dogs and now beeing showed as veterans with the quality to get a best male place <3

Thank you and well done Annica and congrats!

Västerås International Show

Judge: Ruth Thompson, Australia


  • BOB veteran, Vet CACIB, BM2 - SE DK CH KBHV-18 Chi’s Lovely Balthasar (own Annica Vidman)

Veteran Champion

Veteran Champion

Got some very nice news from Roskilde Denmark! We have a brand new Danish veteran Champion!

DKVECH Chi’s Lovely Miss Jaqcenetta, well done and congrats to owner Sylvi Berg Stangnes. They live high up i Norway so a long trip!

Lycke also got 3 (!!) R-CAC so a bit to close for the DKCH title to be fun LOL.

BOS BISS 4 Vet Eskilstuna

BOS BISS 4 Vet Eskilstuna

This was the premier show as a veteran for CH Chi’s Lovely Balthasar and it went very well!

BOS under breed judge Anna Lena Angeria and BISS4 veteran judge Sophia Marie Blanchard, Kroatien

Well done and congrats to owner Annica Vidman! <3

Eskilstuna Nationell SDHK

Judge: Anna Lena Angeria


  • BOS BISS veteran CH Chi's Lovely Balthasar

BOB & BOS Tvååker

BOB & BOS Tvååker

Super results at Tvååker both days!

Friday (I was at home) Lisa Göl showed 2 boys:
Thomas BOB CACIB and junior boy, Clifford got R-CAC (BM5)
Chi’s Lovely Juno EXC2 CK co-own Lill Williscroft.

Thank you Judge Hans Almgren

Saturday Lisa was home and I got just Puck with me and he was BOS and got his second CAC in 1 week! I am in chock!
Chi’s Lovely Juno EXC3 co-own Lill Williscroft.

Thank you breed judge Maarit Hassinen for very kind words about Puck!

Happy also to be “granny” to junior Little Shootingstars Lord Amadeus who was BM4 CAC and BM2 R-CAC! He is bred by Sofia Karlsson and a son to Chi’s Lovely Lord Pembroke.

Thank you all for a very nice day at ring side!

Photos by Sofia Karlsson & Nina Möller

Tvååker CACIB + National

Judge: Friday: Hans Almgren Saturday: Maarit Hassinen


  • Friday
  • SC BOB CACIB Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire - co-own Lisa Göl
  • LC Chi’s Lovely Juno EXC2 CK - co-own Lill Williscroft.
  • Saturday
  • LC BOS CAC Chi's Lovely Puck
  • Chi’s Lovely Juno EXC3 - co-own Lill Williscroft



Fun day in Borås Nat show! The weather was crazy, heavy rain, storm and in between very hot! First show for me this summer.

BOB and CAC to Puck and his son Clifford became BM4 R-CAC and BOB Junior he is co-own and showed by Lisa Göl – congrats and lovely to see you ❤
We just had these two entered.

Thank you judge Eva Liljekvist Borg for appreciating our boys.

Thank you so much Sofia for letting us stay in your tent and for let me keep it to the finals! So nice to se you and your cute junior, love him ❤

Congrats to all others and thanks for a lovely day! ❤

I have been so slow on updating but more news will come! Old news 😉

Borås National Show

Judge: Eva Liljekvist Borg Entries LC:


  • BOB CAC Chi's Lovely Puck
  • BM4 R-CAC BOB junior Chi's Lovely Lord Clifford

NORDIC SHOW Champion! BIS2 Veteran!

NORDIC SHOW Champion! BIS2 Veteran!


Multi Ch Multi W Chi’s Lovely Cassio, at Holbæk Fjordvinder all breed show.

He also got 2 titles – Fjordvinder-22 and Veteran Fjordvinder-22. 1 veteran CAC and 1 nordic CAC.

The new title NORDIC CH came the year before Covid and has almost the same rules as CACIB.
Musse had 5 Nordic CAC taken as BOB in Sweden, 1 BOB in Norway – and now after 2 years also Denmark. I am truly happy he got it now, 10.5 years old ❤ And on a super hot day!

Chi’s Lovely Constance was BF3 with R-CAC.

Many thanks to breed judge Aleksandra Palumbo and BIS judge Ewa Nielsen.

Thanks for nice company and for letting me stay in your tent and congrats to BOS and New CH Christina Andersson ❤

Photo by Dorthe Lind-Rasmussen

Holbæk Fjordvinder-2022 Nordic show, Denmark

Judge: Alexandra Palumbo BIS veteran Ewa Nielsen


  • BOB, NORDIC CAC, NEW NORDIC SHOW CHAMPION and Fjordvinder-2022, BOB Veteran, Veteran CAC, Veteran Fjordvinder-2022 and BIS2 veteran Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • BF3 R-CAC Chi's Lovely Constance



Två gossar

Båda killarna är väldigt glada och trevliga, med testiklar på plats. De är små i storlek.

Mother: Chi’s Lovely Queen Elisabeth
Father: Chi’s Lovely Puck


Rödsobelpojken vore roligt om han kan ställas ut. Perfekt valpbett 6+6.

Cremepojken söker sällskapshem. Jättefint valpbett 6+5.

Best In Show Veteran!

Best In Show Veteran!

Over the moon! Musse went all the way to the top! BEST IN SHOW Veteran! At Nordic all breed show in Hässleholm. So happy! Judge in BIS was breed specialist Elisabeth Spillman that said so very nice words about Musse <3 Thank you!

All results – Judge Christine Sonberg, Norway

BM2 R-Nordic CAC Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (Co-own. Lisa Göl)

BIS BOB Veteran BM3 Chi’s Lovely Cassio
EXC1 CK Chi’s Lovely Puck
BF4 Chi’s Lovely Constance
EXC1 CK Chi’s Lovely The Queen (Own. Lisa Göl)

BOB breeder LC Chi’s lovely

Thank you Lisa and Kim for help with the group and for super nice company <3

Photo by Nordskånska Kennelklubben, Cecilia Riesle Olsson, Lisa Göl.

Here is the side to Nordskånska Kennelklubben

Ljungskile BM4

Ljungskile BM4

Ljungskile International

Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen


  • BM4 Chi's Lovely Puck
  • EXC2 Chi's Lovely Constance