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Chi’s Lovely Lord Hastings

Chi’s Lovely Lord Hastings

Cute little boy on some better photos than the last ones 😉 His bite is perfekt and both testicles down.

He is now 13 weeks and his weight is 930 g, so still a small lad.

NORDIC SHOW Champion! BIS2 Veteran!

NORDIC SHOW Champion! BIS2 Veteran!


Multi Ch Multi W Chi’s Lovely Cassio, at Holbæk Fjordvinder all breed show.

He also got 2 titles – Fjordvinder-22 and Veteran Fjordvinder-22. 1 veteran CAC and 1 nordic CAC.

The new title NORDIC CH came the year before Covid and has almost the same rules as CACIB.
Musse had 5 Nordic CAC taken as BOB in Sweden, 1 BOB in Norway – and now after 2 years also Denmark. I am truly happy he got it now, 10.5 years old ❤ And on a super hot day!

Chi’s Lovely Constance was BF3 with R-CAC.

Many thanks to breed judge Aleksandra Palumbo and BIS judge Ewa Nielsen.

Thanks for nice company and for letting me stay in your tent and congrats to BOS and New CH Christina Andersson ❤

Photo by Dorthe Lind-Rasmussen

Holbæk Fjordvinder-2022 Nordic show, Denmark

Judge: Alexandra Palumbo BIS veteran Ewa Nielsen


  • BOB, NORDIC CAC, NEW NORDIC SHOW CHAMPION and Fjordvinder-2022, BOB Veteran, Veteran CAC, Veteran Fjordvinder-2022 and BIS2 veteran Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • BF3 R-CAC Chi's Lovely Constance

Pojkar letar hem

Pojkar letar hem

Två gossar söker nya hem!

Båda killarna är väldigt glada och trevliga, med testiklar på plats. De är små i storlek.

Mother: Chi’s Lovely Queen Elisabeth
Father: Chi’s Lovely Puck


Rödsobelpojken vore roligt om han kan ställas ut. Perfekt valpbett 6+6.

Cremepojken söker sällskapshem. Jättefint valpbett 6+5.

Best In Show Veteran!

Best In Show Veteran!

Over the moon! Musse went all the way to the top! BEST IN SHOW Veteran! At Nordic all breed show in Hässleholm. So happy! Judge in BIS was breed specialist Elisabeth Spillman that said so very nice words about Musse <3 Thank you!

All results – Judge Christine Sonberg, Norway

BM2 R-Nordic CAC Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (Co-own. Lisa Göl)

BIS BOB Veteran BM3 Chi’s Lovely Cassio
EXC1 CK Chi’s Lovely Puck
BF4 Chi’s Lovely Constance
EXC1 CK Chi’s Lovely The Queen (Own. Lisa Göl)

BOB breeder LC Chi’s lovely

Thank you Lisa and Kim for help with the group and for super nice company <3

Photo by Nordskånska Kennelklubben, Cecilia Riesle Olsson, Lisa Göl.

Here is the side to Nordskånska Kennelklubben

Ljungskile BM4

Ljungskile BM4

Ljungskile International

Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen


  • BM4 Chi's Lovely Puck
  • EXC2 Chi's Lovely Constance

Malmö BOB & BOS

Malmö BOB & BOS

No Easter celebration with family this year but a nice day with truly missed “dog family”at the first show this year. 

Malmö IDS didn’t let us down! We got the same results as last time 2019!

BOB – this time as 10 1/2 year old – Chi’s Lovely Cassio. Also short listed in BIS veteran! 
BOS Chi’s Lovely The Queen (Own Lisa Göl) 

Also very happy my little ”corona” boy Chi’s Lovely Puck liked the show situation. He loved it and behaved well, EXC2. <3 

BOB Breeder LC
Thank you for nice company and help with the group Lisa, Lorettah Bortinna and Kim Forsberg. 

Photo: Lorettah Bortinna

Malmö International Dog Show - April 16

Judge: SC Jan Herngren, LC Gertrud Hagström


  • BOB CACIB Chi's Lovely Cassio (10 1/2 years old) BOB veteran and short listed in BIS veteran! 
  • BOS CACIB Chi's Lovely The Queen (own. Lisa Göl)
  • EXC2 Chi's Lovely Puck
  • VG Chi's Lovely Constance
  • BOB breeder LC
  • SC
  • EXC4 Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (Co-own. Lisa Göl)

More puppies!

More puppies!

Here is the second litter <3
Born Mars 10.

All are long coated, 2 boys, both red sable. 2 girls, 1 white with black spots and 1 black/tan.

The spottet white comes from her grandfather on mothers side – Guichon’s Suited Up In Black. And the round spot on her head, can be found on her grand, grand, grand mother Guichon’s American Rose. So funny to see this things pop up!

Mother: Chi’s lovely Page To Paris
Father: Chi’s Lovely King Alonso