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Love for dogs ♥

We are a family living on the west cost in south Sweden, in a small village by the sea. We have a large old house that we constantly renovate. 4 grown up kids, my husband and I. My husband is a composer and I work with theatre.


I always wanted a dog when I was a child, but never got one. So maybe now this is my revenge – lol
I bought my first dog when our youngest child was a baby. A black, super kind Labrador, Elsa (Airotkiv’s Papaya Coconut). I trained a lot of hunting with her and tried showing but without success the ring. She was my best friend. After some years I felt I really wanted a small dog that I could bring everywhere, have in sofa etc and why not go for the smallest! I was introduced to the breed Chihuahua and fell in love 

2005 I bought my first girl, a long coat – Isis (Honeypaj’s Ice Blue Immortal). At this time it was really hard to get a chihuahua (just before the crazy boom). I was so happy! Her father was top winning MultiCh Honeypaj’s Gaston Den Gigantiska. 

I knew I wanted to show and breed so started study breeding and took courses held by Swedish Kennelklub. 

Isis turned out not to be a show dog so I felt I needed some new. Then Kitty came (Small Is Beautiful’s Perfect Day). A super cute little black and white darling.

In the whelping box Isis did a great work! She had 3 litters. In her (and mine) first litter she got C.I.B SL DK SE CH Berlin Sieger-10 Chi’s Lovely Alfvina Ärtblomma. In the second litter SE UCH DK UCH Chi’s Lovely Drottning Hermione and in the third SE UCH DK UCH Chi’s Lovely Celia

A friend of mine bought a dog from a breeder in USA (Junko Guichon) and she happened to have a sister for sale that could be mine. In just one day I had to made up my mind and the girl was just 8 weeks….
So – I bought Rosa – Guichon’s American Rose and I have never ever regret that decision. She was everything I ever could ask for.

Because of the rabies vaccine rules she came here first when she was 8 months old and she immediately stole my whole heart. She was a lovely, beautiful little white and red girl, with great show attitude. She won a lot and learned me so so much in the ring! I truly loved her, she was my big love.
Rosa died. 15 September 2007. Two days after an infection caused by a C-section. I was devastated. Her 2 puppies (Rosett & Romeo) was saved by Kitty that lost her new born puppy the same night.

Rosa learned me so much and gave me the wish and something to aim for. She made me professional and to set high goals that I felt could be possible.
A drive to continue my breeding work and to get someone like her and to go on with those blood lines. A bit difficult though as it was no one else here with the same lines. I still (12 years later) work with the same blood lines and have ad some more Americans, but still from the same “tree”.

I do believe in the mix of European and American chihuahuas. For me it has worked out really well. It give them type, happy temperament, nice side gate and shorter back. The Europeans contribute with more bones, nice tails, good bites and nice paws. 

Rosett (Chi’s Lovely Julia Capulet) has been a super mum! From her I have got many champions, CAC-winners, title winners and 3 world winner titles!  (Hamlet, Miranda, Lady MacDuff, King Duncan etc). She is a still very active and healthy girl.

I bought some very nice dogs during the years to start building my kennel and I am very grateful to the breeders who shared their blood lines and knowledge with me! Thank you so much:  Honeypaj’s – Small Is Beautiful’s – Misty Meadow’s and Guichon’s.
Also grateful to all I have been able to borrow males from – My Pride And Joy, Starsen, Tegs etc.
All thanks to you! We are nothing without co-opereration.

Some males that have been very important to my breeding

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

You want to contact me – just send me an e-mail!
Maria Andrén