Fun day in Borås Nat show! The weather was crazy, heavy rain, storm and in between very hot! First show for me this summer.

BOB and CAC to Puck and his son Clifford became BM4 R-CAC and BOB Junior he is co-own and showed by Lisa Göl – congrats and lovely to see you ❤
We just had these two entered.

Thank you judge Eva Liljekvist Borg for appreciating our boys.

Thank you so much Sofia for letting us stay in your tent and for let me keep it to the finals! So nice to se you and your cute junior, love him ❤

Congrats to all others and thanks for a lovely day! ❤

I have been so slow on updating but more news will come! Old news 😉

Borås National Show

Judge: Eva Liljekvist Borg Entries LC:


  • BOB CAC Chi's Lovely Puck
  • BM4 R-CAC BOB junior Chi's Lovely Lord Clifford

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