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So true!

So true!

I have borrowed this pic on net and it’s so good! This is exactly what you have to see before your eyes when buying a cute puppy!

Jag älskar den här bilden och kunde inte låta bli att stjäla den när jag såg den i flödet på sociala medier.

Detta är exakt vad man måste tänka på när man tillköpa en hund! Den lever kanske 17 år! Vad gör jag om 17 år? Vad gör jag ens om 5 år? Man ansvarar för ett liv när man tar sig an en hund och det går inte att se lättvindigt på det, måste verkligen tänka efter ordentligt -innan!
Man får en vän, en livskamrat och massa kärlek på köpet <3

BOB at MyDog

BOB at MyDog

Truly a very nice day in Gothenburg. Even if this show always seems to come very quick after Christmas, never ready for it. Kind of not left the old year behind yet! lol

We showed 4 dogs – Lisa started with the junior boy Thomas who won class and was the only male that was not a champion who got CK – so the CAC was his before he even went into Best Male (if nothing strange had happened of course :p). He ended up as BM4 and BOS junior.

Musse did well with BOB 🙂
Miranda, my chubby little girl went in veteran class and became BOB. Both was in the final – just in and out.

Allie BF4 🙂
Super nice day – Thank you Lisa for copay and for loving and showing my dogs!

MyDog Nordic Gothenburg

Judge: SC: Espen Engh, Norway / LC: Sylvie Desserne, France Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • LC
  • BOB Nordic CAC Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • BOB veteran Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • BF4 Chi's Lovely The Queen (Own Lisa Göl)
  • SC
  • CAC BM4 BOS Junior Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire

Musse Top 1 LC 2018

Musse Top 1 LC 2018

Looking back on 2018. It’s been a super year even if we haven’t been on many shows, actually 10 shows in Sweden during the hole year.

Chi’s Lovely Cassio

Chi’s Lovely Cassio
# TOP 1 Long Coat in Sweden! Stopped on 52 points (next male had 39 p).
All his shows:
6 x BOB – Includes BOB at Swedish Chihuahua Special Stora CC.
3 x BOS
2 x BM2
1 BM4
He also became BOB 2 days in Dortmund and became German Champion and European Sieger.

Chi’s Lovely Miranda, 9 years old, has enjoyed the rings and ended up at place 14 all females.
Showed her 1 time in veteran class, at MyDog and she was BOB – that made her:
# Top 6 veteran bitch.

Other places Top 2018
# Top 8 LC puppy – Chi’s Lovely Titania
# Top 8 SC puppy – Chi’s Lovely Sheriff of Wiltshire
# Top 3 LC breeder
# Top 5 SC breeder

New Champion Titles
Chi’s Lovely Duchess Of York – Swedish Champion
Chi’s Lovely King Simonides – Swedish and Finnish Champion
Chi’s Lovely Lord Berkeley – Swedish and Danish Champion
Chi’s Lovely Cassio – VDH CH German Champion 
Chi’s Lovely Balthasar – Danish Champion and Copenhagen Winner 18
Chi’s Lovely Don Pedro – Norwegian Champion

New Champion!

New Champion!


A very nice day in Växjö winning Best Male in both long coat and smooth coat!
KBHV-16 KBHVJV-16 Chi’s Lovely Lord Berkeley was BOS with CAC and CACIB and then became Champion!
Very exciting show, he won open class and in best male it was pretty nervous but he beat them all! Think it was 8 males in just Ch class (Gerry 3 in Ch class and no place).
In LC Musse BOS.
Miranda was 4 in a big Champion class, no place in BF. Mimmi EXC but not placed in the class.

Ballerup New CH Copenhagen Winner

Ballerup New CH Copenhagen Winner

Yeah! Brothers in top!
Balthasar Best Male and Copenhagen Winner 18! He was also NEW Danish Champion! Super!! Well done Annica!

In smooth coat his half brother also was BOS and winner – Magnanima Say Hi To My Lil’ Friend, Own/breeder Charlotte Ter-Borch. They have the same father Tegs Wild Card and now they are 3 brothers with this title! Chi’s Lovely Lord Berkeley is the 3rd. What kids Åke got <3

Ballerup IDS Copehagen Winner 18

Judge: SC/LC: Lillian Lleton Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • BOS CACIB CAC KBHV-18 and NEW DANISH CHAMPION CH Chi's Lovely Balthasar (own Annica Vidman)

Tågarp R-CAC BOB junior

Tågarp R-CAC BOB junior

Very nice this was the last out door show fort the year. Hard to be outside in the end of September and really tired to put the tent up.
Boys did well also today! Presley won open class but in best male the judge changed order so instead of BM2 with CAC he became 3 with R-CAC and no Champion title this time… Boring!!

Thomas did well and won his class, but was not at all happy that I showed him in BM when Lisa took her other boy, so he had no place. But BOB junior!

Mimmi was BF4 – Allie and Miranda no placements.

Musse and Gerry was home 🙂

Tågarp SDHK Nat

Judge: SC/LC: oran Gladic Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • SC
  • BM3 R-CAC EXC1 CK Chi's Lovely Lord Berkeley (co-own Louise Wennerlund))
  • BOB junior EXC1 CK Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-own Lisbeth Göl)
  • LC
  • BF4 CH Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York (co-own Louise Wennerlund))
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely The Queen (co-own Lisbeth Göl)

Eslöv BOS and CAC!

Eslöv BOS and CAC!

The smooth coat boys did very well this time! In an amazing weather – sun, rain & crazy storm. The tents almost blow away!

Gerry Best Male and BOS  and Thomas 2 Best male with CAC! He has done so well from junior class, so happy for all Lisbeth Göl does with him.

Musse was BM 2.
The girls Mimmi, Miranda and Allie didn’t get any place. It was was 7 girls in Chkl and mine were out immediately. Boring but that’s the game 😉

Happy to see all friends! Louise with kids, thank you for coming!

Eslöv Nat

Judge: SC/LC: Svein Bjarne Helgesen Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • SC
  • BOS CH Chi's Lovely King Simonides
  • BM2 CAC Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-own Lisbeth Göl)
  • LC
  • BM2 CH Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York (co-own Louise Wennerlund))
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely The Queen (co-own Lisbeth Göl)

Gimo BM2

Balthasar Best Male 2 in Gimo this weekend!
Super! Congrats to owner Annica Vidman.

Photo from Stora CC by Kristy Bello.

Gimo National 180908

Judge: LC: Aleksandra Palumbo, Serbia Entries LC:


  • BM2 Chi's Lovely Balthasar

Eskilstuna BM4

Balthasar was Best Male 4 in Eskilstuna!
Well done Annica Vidman!


Photo taken in Tvååker by Paul Nyberg

Eskilstuna Nat 180818

Judge: LC: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten Entries LC:


  • BH4 Chi's Lovely Balthasar

Open show BIS4

Open show BIS4


So my little dream team was at an open show and Thomas was BOG 1 and then BIS 4!! Well done you two! Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire and Lisbeth Göl ♥ Breed and group judge was Marie Callert and BIS judge Sofia Lundkvist.
















Snapphane Open Show Hässleholm

Judge: Marie Callert / BIS Sofia Lundkvist