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New Champion!

New Champion!


A very nice day in Växjö winning Best Male in both long coat and smooth coat!
KBHV-16 KBHVJV-16 Chi’s Lovely Lord Berkeley was BOS with CAC and CACIB and then became Champion!
Very exciting show, he won open class and in best male it was pretty nervous but he beat them all! Think it was 8 males in just Ch class (Gerry 3 in Ch class and no place).
In LC Musse BOS.
Miranda was 4 in a big Champion class, no place in BF. Mimmi EXC but not placed in the class.
Ballerup New CH Copenhagen Winner

Ballerup New CH Copenhagen Winner

Yeah! Brothers in top!
Balthasar Best Male and Copenhagen Winner 18! He was also NEW Danish Champion! Super!! Well done Annica!

In smooth coat his half brother also was BOS and winner – Magnanima Say Hi To My Lil’ Friend, Own/breeder Charlotte Ter-Borch. They have the same father Tegs Wild Card and now they are 3 brothers with this title! Chi’s Lovely Lord Berkeley is the 3rd. What kids Åke got <3

Ballerup IDS Copehagen Winner 18

Judge: SC/LC: Lillian Lleton Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • BOS CACIB CAC KBHV-18 and NEW DANISH CHAMPION CH Chi's Lovely Balthasar (own Annica Vidman)
Tågarp R-CAC BOB junior

Tågarp R-CAC BOB junior

Very nice this was the last out door show fort the year. Hard to be outside in the end of September and really tired to put the tent up.
Boys did well also today! Presley won open class but in best male the judge changed order so instead of BM2 with CAC he became 3 with R-CAC and no Champion title this time… Boring!!

Thomas did well and won his class, but was not at all happy that I showed him in BM when Lisa took her other boy, so he had no place. But BOB junior!

Mimmi was BF4 – Allie and Miranda no placements.

Musse and Gerry was home 🙂

Tågarp SDHK Nat

Judge: SC/LC: oran Gladic Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • SC
  • BM3 R-CAC EXC1 CK Chi's Lovely Lord Berkeley (co-own Louise Wennerlund))
  • BOB junior EXC1 CK Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-own Lisbeth Göl)
  • LC
  • BF4 CH Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York (co-own Louise Wennerlund))
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely The Queen (co-own Lisbeth Göl)

Eslöv BOS and CAC!

Eslöv BOS and CAC!

The smooth coat boys did very well this time! In an amazing weather – sun, rain & crazy storm. The tents almost blow away!

Gerry Best Male and BOS  and Thomas 2 Best male with CAC! He has done so well from junior class, so happy for all Lisbeth Göl does with him.

Musse was BM 2.
The girls Mimmi, Miranda and Allie didn’t get any place. It was was 7 girls in Chkl and mine were out immediately. Boring but that’s the game 😉

Happy to see all friends! Louise with kids, thank you for coming!

Eslöv Nat

Judge: SC/LC: Svein Bjarne Helgesen Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • SC
  • BOS CH Chi's Lovely King Simonides
  • BM2 CAC Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-own Lisbeth Göl)
  • LC
  • BM2 CH Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York (co-own Louise Wennerlund))
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC CH Chi's Lovely The Queen (co-own Lisbeth Göl)

Gimo BM2

Balthasar Best Male 2 in Gimo this weekend!
Super! Congrats to owner Annica Vidman.

Photo from Stora CC by Kristy Bello.

Gimo National 180908

Judge: LC: Aleksandra Palumbo, Serbia Entries LC:


  • BM2 Chi's Lovely Balthasar

Eskilstuna BM4

Balthasar was Best Male 4 in Eskilstuna!
Well done Annica Vidman!


Photo taken in Tvååker by Paul Nyberg

Eskilstuna Nat 180818

Judge: LC: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten Entries LC:


  • BH4 Chi's Lovely Balthasar
Open show BIS4

Open show BIS4


So my little dream team was at an open show and Thomas was BOG 1 and then BIS 4!! Well done you two! Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire and Lisbeth Göl ♥ Breed and group judge was Marie Callert and BIS judge Sofia Lundkvist.
















Snapphane Open Show Hässleholm

Judge: Marie Callert / BIS Sofia Lundkvist
2 new Champions!

2 new Champions!

So, so happy!

What a day with 2 new champions in one day!!

First out and in pouring rain was Gerry, he started in SC to win open class. Judge was Siv Jernhake. It was pretty nervous as it was also a foreign champion male that could take the CAC, and of course the other class winners. He ended up as BM 2 after a Ch and had some champions behind to, so when the judge chose between 2 and 3 I already understood he had won the CAC. Nice feeling in the crazy rain! He also became Finnish Champion.

Then it was Musse – he had no big luck this time. He came 2 i Ch class and ended up as BM4 (his worst result during this whole year so far lol).

Then the next dogs was Mimmi and her cousin Lara in open class. They did really good! Came 1 and 2 with CK.
Miranda – 4 in ch class with CK. So I had to ask for help showing her in BF – and she really hates that, she can just be shown by me. Poor girl, she was so depressed 😉

But I made the right decision to take Mimmi my self as she ended up as best female! Nr 1 with CAC and new Champion! Last turn in the ring was so exciting, the champion class winner was not SE CH so she could also take the CAC, a pretty MultiCh girl from Denmark. So, very exciting!

We showed the group and it got excellent critique!

Thank you for coming Helén and Conny Perked, nice to see you and thanks for all photos!
Thank you Madeleine Eriksmoen for helping me with Miranda in BF and with the breeders group! Also thanks for Susanne hosting me in her tent.

A lovely day  ♥

Photos Conny Perkhed and Martin Möller.

Backamo Nat Show

Judge: SC: Siv Jernhake / LC: Bengt-Åke Bogren Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • LC
  • BOS CAC NEW CHAMPION Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York
  • BM4 Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • EXC2 CK Chi's Lovely Countess Of Auvergne
  • EXC4 CK Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • BOB breeder
  • -
  • SC



Ronneby CAC

Ronneby CAC

While I was in Amsterdam, my boys and their lovely co-owners were in Ronneby National Show and had some fun!
The 2 smooth coated half brothers Presley and Thomas (same mother Chi’s Lovely Lady Percy) was 2 and 4 best male.
Presley got CAC! Super nice! And the junior boy Thomas who has made it very well on all shows so far.

Their sister Mimmi was also there, she came 3 in open.

Well done Lisa Göl and Louise Wennerlund! ♥

Photo Sandra Karlsson

Ronneby National Show

Judge: SC: Thorbjörn Skaar / LC: Cassandre Mattera Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • BM2 CAC Chi’s Lovely Lord Berkeley (co-owner Louise Wennerlund)
  • BM4 Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-owner Lisa Göl)
  • EXC3 Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York (co-owner Louise Wennerlund)

Thank you




World Dog Show

World Dog Show


Lovely days at WDS in Amsterdam among a lot of friends. My dogs did their best but no big win for them this time. Musse EXC and no place in a class of 18 males. Miranda 2 in veteran class. Elliot got VG. Our breeders group was 2 out of 3. So happy Mathilda and Eternell was there with me ♥

I do have some critic to the organizer. Putting the SC and LC in different halls – yes, different halls!! – that is totally unacceptable! The rings was placed in a cluster of 4 and to put all 4 Chihuahuas beside each other would be so easy and of course the only way as it’s the same breed. We really tried to have it changed instantly but no… In SC they were not even beside each other.
Also the horror to have to leave the other dogs and all the private stuff when going to an other hall. Who watch it then?! Someone can just steal the dogs. Amazing!

We pay really much (both money and time) to show at the most important show in the world. We compete on a very high level and many of us couldn’t even show our dogs because of this!
Let me say this, we are very used to have 2 dogs in different rings at the same time – that is our reality in this breed and not what this is about. This is about bad organisation and to realize when the ring plan was released, that the Chihuahuas were placed in different halls. So very bad and ignorant!

An other thing is that we need to see and watch the other dogs and talk with people working with our breed. It’s very important for a breed and for the breeders to have this opportunity. No were else it’s possible to see so many high quality dogs at the same time and meet all breeders from around the world. Such a great chance for networking. 

Also the organization of the parking was terrible. I had bought parking before and was just supposed to drive in to the garage – that took med 1 1/2 hour!

I could say more things but I leave it there  😉

Thank you Mascha Hogeboom, Eternell Andrén & Mathilda Borslöv for photos.

World Dog Show Amsterdam


  • EXC2 Reserve Veteran World Winner Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • VG Chi's Lovely Sir William Catesby
  • -
  • 2 Breeders group (out of 3)