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FriYAY, a day off

FriYAY, a day off

This autumn I work a bit more from home and start the days with breakfast with my furry friends and I just love it! Wish all my days would be like this! When I go to work at the theatre I take the coffee and sandwich in the car and leave very early in the morning.

Frukost när den är som bäst Jobbdagar tar jag min macka och kaffe ”to go” i bilen på väg till teatern. Lediga dagar ser ut så här ❤️☕️ Så mycket kärlek på en halv kvadratmeter. (Även om deras kärlek just nu är till min smörgås).


The weather is just amazing, very warm and so beautiful with all autumn feeling. This is from my bedroom window this morning and later we took a long walk.

Wish you a lovely weekend!




Amsterdam – such a pretty town.

Thursday night at 10 pm I can tell you non of us thought the trip would be possible. Mathildas little boy run away! Our neighbor phone and had seen him running on a big road by their house. We looked for him for hours, the dark came and we shout and searched. So horrible. I thought we had to cancel the trip and continue our search for days… But then Mathilda phoned and she had found him on a field! What a happiness!! So at 1 o’clock I was in bed. At 6 we have to leave.

So we left really early Friday morning, car packed with dogs and people! It took 16 hours to drive there! Omg… When we arrived in the evening it was crazy rain. The hotell was okay, the stairs up 3 floor were amazing, so steep it was almost like climbing an a ladder. No elevator. (Can’t be easy to be handicapped in this city). We had the windows towards the street with trams. So very noisy and not possible to sleep with open window and very hot in the room.


We had a day off and just walked around, photographed, ate, found a gorgeous street with flowers and bulbs in all forms. Had to buy some tulips! Loved it!
Happend to walk in to Red district and such a tragedy. We all felt very bad with all the girls in windows. Horrible this can continue and be okay! Kind of made the city less nice.

We took a turist boat on all the canals. Took 1 h and it was wonderful. Away from all people in the street and very calming watching all beautiful houses and the amazing windows. Just do it if you are going there!

We went by Anne Frans house, didn’t go inside as the line was terrible.

And oh, I bought a coat to! Really needed it, really. 😉

Then back to hotell and bathing dogs and prepared for tomorrow show.

Sunday showtime.

After the show we went to a restaurant and took an early night in bed. So tired all of us. And leaving really early for the long trip home (took 15 h…).

Thank you girls for a lovely trip! So much fun!
Four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clover

Fin start på dagen och veckan. Triss i fyrklöver måste väl ändå vara maximal lycka!


This must be the best way to start a new day and week! To find THREE four-leaf clover! Ad coffee in the garden with my best friend in my lap – can’t be better then that!
Now she (Miranda) had her bath before the adventure we are heading this weekend – World Dog Show – Amsterdam. We are leaving at Friday so we have one day of vacay in the city before the show on Sunday. Travel with me will my daughter Eternell, Mathilda and the dogs; Musse, Miranda, Elliot and maybe Brenda.
Will be so much fun!!