FriYAY, a day off

This autumn I work a bit more from home and start the days with breakfast with my furry friends and I just love it! Wish all my days would be like this! When I go to work at the theatre I take the coffee and sandwich in the car and leave very early in the morning.

Frukost när den är som bäst Jobbdagar tar jag min macka och kaffe ”to go” i bilen på väg till teatern. Lediga dagar ser ut så här ❤️☕️ Så mycket kärlek på en halv kvadratmeter. (Även om deras kärlek just nu är till min smörgås).


The weather is just amazing, very warm and so beautiful with all autumn feeling. This is from my bedroom window this morning and later we took a long walk.

Wish you a lovely weekend!


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