Top dogs 2019

Swedish TOP LIST 2019

This is the last old post I promise 😉 (I think lol)


We did it again!

For the second year in a row Musse is Top 1! He is now 8 years old!

Miranda became Top 1 Vetaran! We didn’t attend to very many shows during the year so I am very pleased.

Long Coat
# 1 male Multi Ch Multi Winner Chi’s Lovely Cassio
# 1 Veteran female Multi Ch Multi Winner Chi’s Lovely Miranda (also #13 of all bitches now 10 years old)
# 5 bitch DK SE CH Chi’s Lovely The Queen (co-owner Lisa Göl)
# 10 puppy Chi’s Lovely Earl Of Pembroke
# 6 Stud Tegs Wild Card
#2 breeder LC Chi’s Lovely

Smooth Coat
# 3 male Multi Ch Chi’s Lovely King Simonides
# 4 male SE CH Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-owner Lisa Göl)
# 9 puppy Chi’s Lovely Timandra
# 14 bitch Multi Ch Chi’s Lovely Lady Goneril (own Lena Fredriksen)
# 5 breeder SC Chi’s Lovely

Thank you Lisa Göl, Lena Fredriksen, Erik Von Ståhl-Berg, Annica Vidman, Kent Haarala & Nina Haarala for showing and loving the dogs!
And to all who have helped during the year with groups.
Thanks to all judges who have appreciate my breeding!


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