Old news part 4, Stockholm Nordic Winner

Little did we all know that this would be the last show for over one, maybe two, years (or more? Not started yet). Corona hit the world. But here, at the Nordic Winner Show, the world was still totally normal.

What a show we had!! Still so long time after I get nervous when I think about it. Musse had to be BOB to win the Swedish Top List – so it was so terrible, so exciting to the very end.

This is my FaceBook post after the show:

We have Nordic Winner + Nordic Veteran Winner + Reserve Winner!
Musse was aslo picked out in a beautiful group 9!

What a day in Stockholm!
LC 118 – judges Bruno Nodalli (males/BOB) – Eva Valinger (bitches)BOB NORDIC WINNER Nordic CAC also Crufts Qual. CH Chi’s Lovely Cassio NORDIC Veteran Winner CH Chi’s Lovely Miranda

SC 87 – Judge Hans Van Den Berg
BM2 R-Nordic CAC CH Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-owner Lisa Göl)

I had a crazy day with 3 dogs in 3 different ring at the exakt same time!

Thank you all friends for help with groups! Lisa Göl, Kim Forsberg, Maria Strandlund, Lena Fredriksen Congrats to all happy!


Nordic Winner Stockholm December 14, 2019

Judge: Judge: Bruno Nodalli (males/BOB) - Eva Valinger (bitches). SC Hans Van Den Berg (males), Maija Mäkinen (bitches) Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • BOB NORDIC WINNER Nordic CAC Chi's Lovely Cassio - also picked out in the group!
  • NORDIC VETERAN WINNER Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Constance
  • EXC Chi's Lovely The Queen
  • BM2 R-Nordic CAC Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire
  • EXC Chi's Lovely King Simonides
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Lady Goneril

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