Stora CC

BIS 1 & 2 Movements – BIS3 Intermedia – BIS3 Puppy!

In the crazy heat in Borås at the annual Chihuahua special Stora CC our dogs did their best! 224 dogs entered and some lovely dogs participated!

Thomas won his class and was BOB Intermedia and then BIS3 intermedia. He was also picked out for Best Head and was among the last 6.

Puppy Joey won 6-9 months boys and ended up as BIS3 puppy. His sister Nejlika was 3 out of 12 girls and also picked out for best movements (but could not take her in that as I had also Musse and Gerry in there).

I am super happy for BIS1 and BIS2 MOVEMENTS out of maybe 40-45 dogs!
Gerry 1 and Musse 2! (no pics of that at the moment unfortunately). Thank you Lisa for helping me with Gerry!

In Champion SC Hedwig was 3 with CK out of 14 girls and Miranda was 4 in veteran out of 10. No more class places for the other dogs.

I don’t have so many pics yet as I showed 6 dogs my self in 3 rings at the same time, hardly any time for taking photos. I hope to get some I can share later when the show team publish them. See the ones I have under results.

Stora CC Chihuahua Special

Judge: SC: Lillian De Ridder Onghena, Belgium - LC bitch: Kateryna Pereguda, Ukraine - LC male: Eva Vincent-Schmidt, France Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • SC
  • BIS3 BOB intermedia EXC1 CK Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire (co-owner Lisbeth Göl)
  • BIS1 MOVEMENTS EXC Chi's Lovely King Simonides
  • EXC3 Champion CK Chi's Lovely Lady Goneril
  • VG Chi's Lovely Timandra
  • Breeder group 3 out of 4 groups
  • LC male
  • BIS3 BOS Puppy 6-9 month Chi's Lovely Earl Of Pembroke
  • BIS2 MOVEMENTS EXC Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Balthasar (own Annica Vidman)
  • Puppy 4 Chi's Lovely Earl Of Essex (own Annica Vidman)
  • LC bitch
  • Puppy 3 HP Chi's Lovely Constance
  • EXC3 veteran Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Lady Anne (own Kent & Nina Haarala)
  • VG Chi's Lovely The Queen (co-owner Lisbeth Göl)
  • VG Chi's Lovely Countess Of Auvergne (own Helen Perkhed)
  • Breeder group 2 out of 4 groups

Thank you! ♥

Love to Lisa, Helen, Kent and Lena for help with the groups. Many thanks to Chihuahuacirkeln for great work with the show!

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