BOB – 2 Norwegian CH!

The boys and I were in Norway, Sandefjord for a show. Many years since I was there. Last time was Norwegian Winner 2015 and Miranda won BOB, Musse BM4 R-CAC and Kenneth BM2 and became CH.

It’s always nice to be in Norway even if I find it very difficult! Usually it’s a very long trip and just a one day show – that means just one chance. When I drive to other countries I try to get 2 days shows, so I get more chances.
And in Norway it’s also hard competition, with very high quality dogs! But I like that! Then it’s more fun to win 😉

And this time we did! Very lucky indeed! Bringing home 3 new titles!

NORWEGIAN Champion BOB and NORDIC CAC Chi’s Lovely Cassio
NORWEGIAN & NORD Champion Chi’s Lovely King Simonides

In SC only 4 CK was given, only 4 in Champion Class, so when we was in CH class and it was over I was told it was also Best Male – I didn’t get that before the class. So, no time for being nervous! Lol – Over before I knew it! And Gerry got the CAC! (thank God he got CK as number 4 in class!)

In LC many CK and very exciting! But Musse was in a good mood and did his best 🙂

Many thanks to Lene & Melissa Nordås Kalleklev for a very cosy day and for letting me stay in your tent! Congrats to you to! <3
Also thanks for photo!

Sandefjord, Norway NORDIC June 1 2019

Judge: SC: Michael Leonard, Irland LC: Sonja Björklund, Sweden Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • BOB CAC NORDIC CAC and NORWEGIAN Champion Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • BM4 CAC NEW NORD and NORWEGIAN Champion Chi's Lovely King Simonides

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