Tvååker BOB

We showed 2 days in Tvååker (that is very close to our home – wonderful!) It was very very hot, over 30°c! Really hard for the dogs. Not Mirandas fav whether and she kind of never get a place when it’s so warm. And didn’t this weekend either :p
Very many dogs entered both days.
Musse did great! He has really been very fortunately so far this year! BOB the first day and BM2 the second day. On 7 shows in a row he has been unbeaten male. He has 3 BOB and 2 BOS in Sweden and 2 BOB in Germany. Pretty good 🙂 He also got his first NORDIC CAC (his first try for one).
We also had a group in LC that was BOB.

In SC the little junior boy Thomas, Chi’s Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire became BM2 with R-CAC and R-Nordic CAC!! Won over many champions! He was there just 1 day. Well done Lisa Göl and congrats!

Thank you Mathilda, Annica, Lisa and Helen for help with the group and for showing and loving my dogs <3

Thanks for photos Paul Nyberg & Mathilda Borslöf.

Tvååker NORDIC Saturday - Nat Sunday

Judge: LC Kristiina Ahlberg / SC&LC Geoffrey Curr / SC Asta María Guðbergsdóttir Entries SC: Entries LC:


  • Friday Nordic
  • LC 81 - Judge Kristiina Ahlberg
  • BOB NORDIC CAC Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • EXC2 CK Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York
  • EXC3 Chi's Lovel The Queen
  • EXC4 Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Titania
  • -
  • BOB breeders group LC
  • -
  • SC 56 - Judge Geoffrey Curr
  • BM2 R-CAC R-NORDIC CAC Chi's Lovely Sheriff Of Wiltshire
  • EXC3 Chi's Lovely King Simonides
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Queen Elisabeth
  • -
  • Saturday NAT
  • LC 85 - Judge Geoffrey Curr
  • BM2 Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Sir William Catesby
  • EXC3 Chi's Lovely Balthasar
  • EXC1 CK Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Countess Of Auvergne
  • EXC Chi's Lovely Miranda
  • No breeders group showed
  • -
  • SC 55 - Judge Ásta María Guðbergsdóttir
  • EXC3 CK Chi's Lovely King Simonides

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