Dortmund 2 x BOB, 7 CAC, New CH

Crazy trip driving alone with 3 dogs to Dortmund. But we had some really lovely days both in and outside the ring. Musse BOB both days and new German Champion! Both Gerry and Mimmi got CAC and R-CACIB that will be a CACIB so that was really nice. Thank you all for funny days and very nice company!
Many thanks to judges for appreciating my dogs!

Dortmund IDS 2 days Europa Sieger

Judge: Arne Swartz / Willi Güllix


  • 11 May Europasieger
  • BOB CACIB Double CAC Europasieger CRUFTS qual - Chi's Lovely Cassio
  • 1 CAC - Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York
  • R-CACIB (will be CACIB) Double CAC - Chi's Lovely King Simonides
  • -
  • 12 May Spring Winner Dortmund
  • BOB CACIB 1 CAC Spring Winner Dortmund - Chi's Lovely Cassio - NEW GERMAN (VDH) CHAMPION!
  • R-CACIB (will be CACIB) - Chi's Lovely Duchess Of York
  • 1 CAC - Chi's Lovely King Simonides

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