New litter born

One positive thing with Covid is that I work from home and I am able to take all litters I dream of. The last years, before I got a new job, I had no chance to take any litters at all. So it feels wonderful with puppies in the house again! And hopefully it will be some nice ones too 🙂

Now it will be some boys for sale, that’s for sure! 😉
Here is the latest new family that arrived May 1. All are long coat and it’s 4 boys and 1 girl. It was actually 7 (!!) babies but 2 was stillborn.

Mother is Maj-Lis – Chi’s Lovely Page To Paris
Father is An’s Angels Hudson Bay. Thank you Lise-Lotte Johansson for letting me borrow cute Hudson <3

Here is the pedigree of the puppies

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