Show memories

 Some of our greatest wins

During the years we have been very lucky and have had many nice wins.
I have picked out some that made a different for me and really meant something extra!

Want to see all old results (2007-2016) look at my former web site ← 


First Win! Guichon’s American Rose BOS at Malmö, Mars 2007

Must mention the first win. Kind of nothing breaks that feeling and after that it’s hard to take a step back – then it’s suddenly possible! Fun!
Judge was breed judge Patrick McDevitt (Keenaughts) and 60 LC chihuahuas.


World Dog Show in Stockholm July 2008

Such a fun weekend! And looking back, I think this was a very important and crucial show for me. To see all this beautiful dogs and handlers. I was totally rapt by the moment, loved all about it! And when Joy – Chi’s Lovely Drottning Hermione was 4 in junior class I felt  – “It is possible! I can do it!”
So lucky me WDS was in Sweden or I had not been there I think. Now I wanted to go to the next one!


My first home breed Champion – Chi’s Lovely Alvina Ärtblomma – Herning 2009

From my first litter I got my first champion, Laura became Swedish and Danish CH in Herning (after that she took many more titles).

Proud moment- BOB Breeder in the final ring at World Dog Show, Herning June 2010

Herning in Denmark was my second WDS. We (Elisabeth Åkerlund, Lisbeth Göl and I) showed 5 girls. Three juniors and in class: 3 Chi’s Lovely Celia, 4 Chi’s Lovely Miranda, 5 Chi’s Lovely Ariel. In open: 3 Chi’s Lovely Drottning Hermione and in a class of 17 Champions Chi’s Lovely Alvina Ärtblomma was 2 (and should have competed for R-CACIB but I didn’t know that! Was told after!! Gaaaah). I was so proud of all girl got places and the breeders group was BOB. Now I really felt it was possible for a nobody like me to get a place and that my breeding was okay at this level!


First time placed in BOG – August 2010

At this time it was very rare that a Chihuahua was placed in BOG in Sweden. Miranda was just a junior and I was overwhelmed. No pic unfortunately. Judge Soile Bister said she would have been BOG 1 if she had been a little bit more alert. She was a bit tired just 10 months old, it was her 4 official show – she got her first CAC and BOB, breed judge Elisabeth Spillman. After this she has got many more BOG places during the years.

Miranda BOB in Celje October 2010 from junior class  (Hans Lethinen) and BIS2 Junior (Hans Van Den Berg)

Such an amazing moment! My little baby was BOB in this big show. I was so happy. Then BIS2 junior!
This was the show the day before Euro Dog Show, Miranda was there Reserv Junior Winner.
Chi’s Lovely Alvina Ärtblomma New Slovenian Champion.

World Dog Show Paris June 2011 – Junior World Winner Chi’s Lovely William Page

Junior World Winner! A big dream came true! Tyke won the huge junior class and this was his first show ever. Miranda won intermedia and competed for CACIB, Chi’s Lovely Julius Caesar was 6 our of 30 SC junior males. Such a big moment for me!

European Winner Leeuwarden September 2011 – Chi’s Lovely Miranda European Winner!

Another wow moment! Miranda EUW-11!!
Guichon’s My Name Is No No Bad Boy 2 i Champion Class and Chi’s Lovely Julius Caesar 4 in junior.

Crufts Mars 2012 – Chi’s Lovely William Page 3 in Yearling

We went to Crufts! Crazy, fun trip, driving with Eva Wolbeck from Germany to Birmingham. Tyke did really good with place 3 in Yearling class. Think the first Swedish chihuahua ever placed at Crufts. So it was nice! Miranda didn’t get any place, showed in open.

World Dog Show Salzburg May 2012 – Junior World Winner Chi’s Lovely Prince Hamlet

Really didn’t see it coming! Arriving just 5 min before entering junior class because of traffic stocking – but Hamlet made it and won the the class and the titel  JWW-11. Chi’s Lovely Julius Ceasar won Intermedia Class with CAC and competed for CACIB, Miranda 3 i Champion Class. Showed 3 dogs.

Swedish Winner – BOB 2012 Chi’s Lovely William Page & BOB 2014 Chi’s Lovely Cassio

So far we have had 2 Best of Breed at Swedish Winner + 1 junior winner and 1 veteran winner.
(Also have a junior win before they added junior winner to the titles :p)

World Dog Show Budapest 2013 -Winner of Champion class & BOB Breeder

Miranda won Champion class and competed for CACIB. So, so close one more time!
Musse 4 i intermedia. Chi’s lovely BOB breeder!

Winner of CH class!

World Dog Show Helsinki 2014 – Chi’s Lovely Miranda World Winner!
Biggest moment ever!

Here I kind of had no hope. Miranda won CH class one more time – Third time she won the class at WDS and competed for the WW title. I thought – “Here we go again…” Saw the beautiful other class winners and though history would just repeat. But this time she really took it all! A feeling I can’t describe, so happy and grateful for this little girl. Chi’s Lovely 2 breeder out of 8 groups.


Slovenian Winner 2015 BOB Chi’s Lovely Miranda – BOS Chi’s Lovely Cassio

Norwegian Winner 2015 – BOB Chi’s Lovely Miranda – New Norwegian and NORDIC Chi’s Lovely Julius Caesar

Best Of Group 9 and BIS5 Chi’s Lovely Cassio

This was also a really huge moment in my showing life! I knew only one LC chihuahua winning BOG before in Sweden (a son to our Tegs Wild Card) so Musse was the second long coat chihuahua winning Best of Group 9! He has many BOG places before so I was overwhelmed when he actually won! The Norwegian judge Rune Lysgaard loved him.

He was then Best In Show 5!